Books by Lauren Salamone
Teen Girls and Their Moms

     5 Must-Know Secrets for Today's College Girl

     For 15 years Lauren has been helping girls embrace their college experiences through the lens of exciting self-discovery and positive growth.  And now in her award-winning book she reveals the strategies that have proven the most invaluable to girls, strategies that help them excel in every aspect of their college lives academic, extra-curricular, social, and personal.

     Also included are practical tips from recent college grads as well as an interactive Action Guide that lets girls apply the 5 Secrets to their lives right away.  After reading this book, girls have the hands-on tools and encouragement to achieve extraordinary results in college...and life.

     Lauren’s warm and inspiring writing style engages readers of all ages – from high school girls to college and graduate students.  Available in book stores and from Amazon.    

Overcomers, Inc. True Stories of Hope, Courage
and Inspiration

     This book offers a candid and motivating perspective
of overcoming life's challenges.  Lauren Salamone and 37 fellow authors share their personal stories of finding
strength despite the most adverse circumstances...and ultimately triumphing.  Their stories are a beautiful reminder that always there is hope. 

     No matter what challenges you face, whether with
your health, your job, your relationships, or your family, Overcomers Inc. provides reassuring guidance and
support from those who have been there, been through
it, and prevailed.  This book will awaken your resolve
and add more joy to your days.

     Recommended for moms and young women college
age or older.  To find out how to receive a signed copy,
contact Lauren.

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