Presentations & Workshops

You are so encouraging!
You are amazing!

                                                           Cammie (age15)

Thank you for your presentation. It was so inspiring!

                                                 — Rea

     Lauren Salamone's keynotes and workshops leave girls energized, confident, and equipped to excel in every aspect of their lives. 
Girls are drawn to Lauren’s passionate belief in their great potential. They are inspired by her engaging presentation style. And they are transformed by the concise steps she lays out to help them --  
    • Overcome challenges and obstacles inherent to teen girls and young women
    • Avoid the trap of settling for less than they deserve
    • Uncover their own unique strengths
    • Use those strengths to build a firm foundation for lifetime success
    • Create happy and fulfilling lives

     When you bring Lauren Salamone in to speak, you bestow upon girls the gift of  empowerment, and that's a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Speaking Programs

"Teen Girl Cool: An Inside Job"
"5 Must-Know Secrets for Today's College Girl"
"Summer Brilliance Series"
(Each program is available as a 45 - 90 minute interactive presentation OR a custom-timed, hands-on workshop.)

Recommended Venues
High schools, colleges, mother/daughter events, youth groups, sororities,
teen girl empowerment conferences, retreats, libraries, camps, young women's groups. 

Contact Lauren for details and booking information.

More Feedback

"Thank you! The feedback from my counselors and the families in attendance has been nothing but positive.  Your presentation was wonderfully perfect."       
                        ~ Julie Divilio, Director of Guidance
                             Nutley Schools

"The minute I heard Lauren Salamone’s message I knew I needed to bring her in to present directly to  girls and sure enough, the audience loved her! Anyone who gets the chance to hear her in person should rush in for a front-row seat!"
~ Lee Penna, Community Coordinator

                      Secaucus Public Library

"Lauren, you were amazing last night. I know the girls were absorbing every word.  We hope you'll come back next year!"

      ~Dorothy Harris, Director of Campus Ministry
          School of the Holy Child
"It was great to have you bring our moms and daughters together and to motivate them for the next step.  Thank you so much for speaking!"
                            ~Beth Cheikes, CTO Director
                               BHS Early College