Life Coaching

Why a Coach for your daughter?
      Teen life coaching benefits both girls and their parents.  It’s another layer of support for each teen and young woman, someone else in her corner who “gets” her, who truly cares, and who has the tools to help her achieve extraordinary results.  For parents, it provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing your daughter is getting the support she needs with issues she may not open up to you about.  You'll know she's getting the professional coaching to help her live her best, most successful life.

What happens in coaching sessions?

     Every coaching session is unique, based upon the personal needs of each respective client. Infused in all sessions are two components:

    1. A powerful interaction that fosters within each girl a deepened
      self-awareness and heightened appreciation of her personal strengths.
    2. Tangible tools that help her overcome her challenges, embrace and
      achieve her goals.

What topics are covered in coaching?

     Here is a partial list of issues Lauren tackles with girls:

  • School stress, anxiety, academic pressure 
  • Body image and self-acceptance
  • Friendship challenges
  • Self-imposed pressure, pressure from others
  • Family relationship challenges
  • Self-destructive behavior and negative feelings about self
  • Time management
  • Decision making around the future and life-goals
  • Dating, choices, sex, hook-ups, break-ups
  • College preparation and college success
  • Career goals and life success

  • What are the benefits of life coaching?

         The coaching process offers an exciting and supportive journey that evokes increased confidence, self-discovery, and great success.  As a result of life coaching, a teen girl gets right on track for a balanced life that aligns with her values and goals for the future.

         She becomes more proactive in her approach to life and enjoys --

    • heightened self-awareness and self-esteem
    • tools for coping with challenging relationships and situations
    • healthy body image and authentic sense of self
    • improved decision-making ability
    • more effective communication skills
    • increased ability to meet academic demands and manage time
    • renewed sense of excitement about life
    • enhanced skill-set for setting and achieving goals

          In short, teen life coaching is an empowering experience that helps each girl grow into the successful, happy, confident woman she is meant to be.

    How do we get started?

         Contact Lauren to schedule a complimentary 20-minute inquiry call. 

    "Your help was so timely.  I’m ecstatic at the change in my daughter!  Such good work that you do, Lauren. I am so appreciative to have found you!"
                                               ~ Cathy (Mom)

    "I love our sessions. They seem to fly by.  You’ve really helped me turn a corner.  Thank you so much Lauren!  You really don’t know how much your help and time have meant to me. "
                                                            ~Shannon (age 17)