As a Life Success Coach and Inspirational
Speaker, I believe that all girls deserve to shine
like the brilliant stars they are born to be.  My expertise is in helping them get there.  I inspire
teen girls and young women to connect confidently with their genuine and best selves. I assist them in developing the life skills necessary to achieve their greatest potential.

      It would be my honor to work with you, your daughter, or your students.  Please feel free to
contact me for a complimentary inquiry call.


Teen Life Coaching

Lauren coaches girls one-on-one as well as in groups.  She shares transformational tools that build self-esteem and help girls overcome the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood. In a safe, non-judgmental space, girls speak from their hearts, discover and build upon their unique strengths, and get right on track for a balanced life that aligns with their values and goals for the future. READ MORE...
Presentations and Workshops

Lauren energizes girls in her dynamic presentations and workshops.  Her
powerful strategies inspire girls and young women (and moms!) to experience first-hand that no challenge is insurmountable. She combines humor, storytelling, and audience interaction to help girls land immediately on the path to a richly rewarding life. READ MORE...